“NYC Pulse Map” – Final Report

Project Overview and Significance The purpose of NYC Pulse Map is to provide city dwellers a tool to track their everyday commute and ‘interactions’ with the City and its residents with regards to their heartbeat and environmental data such as temperature, humidity, noise and brightness. This information could be used on 2 different levels: Quantified […]

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QSAT Session 8 – Vehicle Analytics

Last class we had an opportunity to listen to fascinating, hands-on experience based lecture from Brian Langel, CTO of Dash. Dash is a start-up that aspiring to create a mobile app that could potentially make driving more effective, cost efficient and eco-friendly. Their idea is to apply well known solutions of ‘quantified self’ about measuring […]

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QSAT, Session 6 + Mid-Term

As the course of Quantified Self about Towns evolves, our projects take shape. Together with Michael Weber and Tong Jian we are creating a sensor that will allow us to to create prototype of “NYC Anxiety Map”. Why we think it is important? Background On the turn of the century we have witnessed one of […]

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QST, Session 2 – Data-Journalism

The second meeting of the Quantified Self About Towns begun with a guest lecture from news application developer Al Shaw from ProPublica – the independent newsroom serving public interest. The topic he prepared, called ‘Loosing ground‘ was about ‘sinking’ Louisiana due to Mississippi regulations and oil industry. The news application is a powerful tool that […]

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